Where to stay

Booking hotels, inns, guesthouses or hostels through the Internet is one of the components in planning your travel. If you go on an organized tour, then the travel agency is making it for you.

If you want to travel independently, it is better to reserve your accommodation in advance. By doing this you will ensure yourself a quiet vacation without unnecessary adventures.

You can make a reservation through specialised web-sites. You can also book an apartment through internet.

The most popular hotel reservation web-sites are:

If you are satisfied with the comfort of hostels (and sometimes they are very comfortable), then here are the links for reservations in hostels:

The site Airbnb.ru offers private accommodation. Mainly there are apartments, rooms in apartments or even houses of local residents. The homeowners can earn a little bit and this service helps them to do so, as a mediator between them and you.

Advantages of self-booking of hotels via the Internet:

  • You will know for sure in advance that you have a place to sleep. This particularly comforts if you arrive late or very early.
  • When booking through the Internet prices can be less than on the spot. If lucky, you can get a good offer on promotion.
  • If you book in advance of few months, it is possible to get a good discount. It is normal practice in most hotels.
  • If you travel to a popular destination during the high season, you will not able to find available room on spot.

If you are applying for a visa independently, you may be asked to provide a print copy of your hotel reservation. For example, the consulate of France (and many other European countries) take print-outs from Booking.com.

What you need to know when looking for a hotel:

  • A hotel should be in your price range,
  • A hotel should be in a certain area of your interest,
  • A hotel has to have a certain set of services that you want to experience,
  • Whether there is a free internet Wi-Fi in your room or just in the lobby,
  • Whether there is parking near the hotel and how much it costs,
  • How big the room is,
  • The hotel amenities: whether the bed is comforatble, the bathroom is included, there is an air conditioner
  • It is important  an overall hotel rating. The best is ​​8 points and above on booking.com,
  • A good idea is to read the opinion of earlier travelers, who stayed in this hotel
  • If they take advance payment for a reservation or cancellation of reservation. Most hotels do not. You will need just to leave card details.
  • Specify the exact time of your arrival, so as not to pay the extra day.

You will need to carefully examine everything and think over, and only then make a decision for reservation. Do not forget to make a printout of the booking, you may need it at reception as a proof of reservation.