What to eat

If you want eat deliciously during your journey and not to destroy your holiday by a stomach decease, you need select carefully what you eat.

The most important thing is to abandon boiled food: sausage, potatoes, meat and fish. In the hot season this food will survive only if you put it in a cooler bag. Therefore the baked products are better preserved.

You need food, which will not spoil without refrigeration, do not crumble, do not stain and it should be convenient to eat.

As described above, it is better to take the following products:

  • Bread with grains, bread with bran, crackers without salt. Better and more convenient if the bread is sliced. If you do not like bread with grains, take ordinary bread.
  • Nuts, seeds, dried fruits, muesli-bars are very useful and tasty.
  • Mineral water, juice sterilized in single packages.
  • Baked meat, pork or chicken are great for the road and can be stored in the foil long enough. It is better to prepare these in small pieces.
  • Fat bacon without meat layer (because the main breeding ground for germs is a meat layer, and germs do not live in pure lard).
  • Raw sausage is better to take sliced. The smoked one may be preserved for a long time.
  • Hard cheese - vacuum packed, better sliced,
  • Vegetables - cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, radishes, lettuce. Vegetables should be washed and well wiped out. The smaller vegetables, the better.
  • Fruits and vegetables in a thick peel (oranges, bananas, grapefruit, apples, cucumbers, radishes, etc.).
  • Baby beef puree in metal cans (excellent base for sandwiches).
  • Hard boiled (at least 10 minutes) in a salt water eggs. However, it the eggs cracked during cooking, avoid taking them, as such eggs are a fruitful environment for microbes.
  • Drinkable yogurt or kefir in small package
  • For the sweet: candy glaze (M & M), chocolate in bars, buns, muffins
  • Baked or fried pastries stuffed with fruit or cheese (but not meat).
  • Instant oatmeal (which can be prepared by boiling water).

Avoid taking with you:

  • Fruits which can upset the stomach.
  • Chips which are- very dirty and crumbling.
  • Tomatoes - conventional tomatoes can easily burst.
  • Potatoes in their jackets - leaves a lot of stain on your hands and is quickly perishable product.
  • Chocolate - the usual chocolate can melt.

Important! Make sure you have still water with you (avoid sparkling).

Do not forget to buy disposable tissues. Now in the shops sell special wipes, after which you can not wash your hands and eat food without any risk.

Also, do not forget to bring disposable utensils and napkins.