What to do during your journey?

You need to think over your leisure time during your journey in advance, so you do not die of boredom.

We all have experienced long and tedious travelling from one point to another. If such a trip falls on the night and you're not driving, a good sleep is a great way to kill time.

Best of all is if you have a company. With friends, time is always more interesting and easy to pass.

But what to do if the trip takes a whole day, and you are traveling alone?

You will have to find entertainment that will help you to spend long hours on the road. The ipod, ipad, laptop or even a smartphone will help to make the hours on the road into a few minutes.

When traveling by car (if you are a passenger) or a train, you can occupy yourself with knitting (if you know how to do it and like it). It is the most enjoyable way to pass the time at your favourite hobby.

The most popular way to kill time on long trips is to read. Choose a new book with a gripping storyline few days before departure. If the book is very interesting, the time spent in transport will pass as a flash.

If you are traveling on vacation, read more information about your destination, to enhance the anticipation.

You can listen to music on ipod . Make a playlist with your favourite tracks in advance. During your journey it is better to use vacuum headphones to noise, for other sounds not to distract you. If you are used to conventional headphones, then watch out the volume because it often happens that the headphone pass sound and music audible to other passengers.

If you are traveling by plane or train with a special service, you will enjoy the food provided. Remember how quickly you consume food in a normal working rhythm and try to eat slowly, enjoying all the flavours.

If you are traveling by car or bus, stop at the nearest cafe (usually petrol station) and have a delicious lunch. This will help you to relax a bit from the trip and gain energy.

Perhaps the easiest and most affordable way to reduce the time of travel is to sleep. There is a category of people who manage to sleep in any position. If you are not one of them, get a special pillow for traveling, put it around your neck and try to relax. If you are traveling alone, during sleep do not forget to hide valuables, because you never know who your companions are.

Take with you crossword puzzles, a variety of tasks on logic or a book with quests. If you love math, you can do complex mathematical problems and equations. These exercises are useful at any age, since stepping logical thinking and improve brain circulation.

Download a few interesting games to your ipad or laptop, for which you usually do not have enough time. Now at your disposal hours of long trip, which means you can afford to enjoy an exciting game.

You can record movies on an ipad or laptop to watch on the road. It is another good activity perfectly killing time, but not always available in the everyday life. Series, documentaries and feature films or cartoons help to relax. Dive into the story and forget about the long trip. Just do not forget to bring your headphones so as not to interfere with your neighbours sitting next to you.

If you are coming from vacation, make notes of your experiences while they are fresh. If you just go on vacation, set out your expectations on paper. Over time, experienced emotions lubricate, but words written on paper will help you remember your thoughts and bright events. In addition, you can sharpen your skills in writing.

A long trip is the best time to improve foreign languages. Taking a dictionary or textbook with you to study in a calm atmosphere. You can also download the video tutorials on your ipad for a better perception of the material. It is worth to download audio books to the ipod in the foreign language - so you can learn languages, even with closed eyes.

Almost always after the vocation photos and videos, successful or not, take lots of gigabytes of memory on the cards and hard drives. A boring and long trip is a good opportunity to recall the most interesting moments of your journey and to bring your camera cards in order.

In the crazy rhythm of life, we often do not have time for pleasant dreams. During the long trip you have many hours to become a dreamer. Close your eyes, relax your body and dream about anything in the world.

If you are a truly busy person, use time of travel to your advantage: think carefully about your plans for the next few days, make lists, notes and schemes, organize and structure necessary information. In future it will save your time.

If you are traveling with a child, it's time to entertain him or her and yourself. Read a fairy tale to your child, play exciting games, which develop logic and lateral thinking, learn the alphabet and language, draw or sculpt. With this fun and leisure, you will not notice how time flies by.

A conversation with a fellow traveller is not a bad option, in case you have tried all of the above methods, especially when traveling alone. Of course, not all people like to communicate during a long trip, but it also happens that you come across interesting companions with which time flies very fast.

Long travels are, of course, weary, but think always of the circumstances positively. Remember that the road is an integral part of the trip, which means that very soon you will be able to relax and devote time to your deserved rest.