Before the trip

Few people like packing suitcases, even if they are expecting an exciting journey. Start preparing for the trip in advance. There are things which cannot be done a night before the flight. These include:

  • arranging bank cards,
  • currency exchange,
  • arrangement of roaming tariff
  • making copies of important documents,
  • washing clothes,
  • buying medicine. In case of emergency pain you may not find the necessary medicine in a local drug store.

Few tips which could be useful:

  • Find out what kind of electricity outlets are in the country where you go and buy the adapters for your appliances.
  • Make a packing list and pack your clothes properly.
  • Proceed according to plan and you will manage not to forget anything.
  • Based on our experience, we came to the conclusion that for a comfortable journey - it is very important to prepare a compact and lightweight luggage in advance.
  • For this, put down all things you plan to take with you on the table or bed. You will have a visual perception of whether all things suit in your luggage and to not to forget anything.
  • Divide your things into 2 parts: what will carry (hand luggage) and the fact that you pass in the luggage.

In your hand luggage take: money, documents, personal devices (phones, cameras, laptop), the most necessary of medicines, personal hygiene products, a notebook and a pen. If you are flying by airplane, make sure you have nothing piercing or cutting or liquid. Grab a small book or magazine to read on the go.

Never pack your suitcase too tight. Firstly, you may have an overweight (the majority airline companies have baggage allowance of maximum 20 kg). Secondly, it will be inconvenient to look for some particular item during your journey or show your luggage to a request of a customs officer at their request. Thirdly, you will have no room for souvenirs and other purchases.

Take with you only essential things. Try to find things which could be universal, using them for different purposes both during the day and in the evening. For example, for men, it can be jeans and a shirt.

If you are travelling during a cold period of the year, it is better to take the heavy outer clothing and shoes in a single item and of neutral colours. Your trip will be more pleasant when you have warm clothing on you, and a travel bag is freed from unnecessary clothes.

It is better to keep money and documents separate. You may have a small bag over your hip or neck

Electronic devices. Before traveling, check and charge all the devices and clear the memory cards.

Personal hygiene items. Do not take them in large packages, they weigh too much and can flow in the bag. There are a number of convenient travel kits for sale. If something of items came to end, you can always buy it on spot or they may be available in your hotel.

Packing Instructions

  • Pack all liquids in tight packs.
  • Distribute clothes, shoes, and other things evenly,
  • Put your underwear in a separate pocket in the bag.
  • Put an easy bag with a zipper on the top. In case of overweight you can put some of the things there. You can use it also during the excursions, for beach or shopping.

Make sure your have the essential medicine with you. In country of your destination, you may not find necessary pills, which are familiar to you and your body. For chronic diseases, take those medications, which are prescribed by your doctor.

Before your journey, make sure your car navigator has preloaded maps. You may not have internet connection on your way. You can replace GPS with your tablet or smartphone, or a paper map.

There are always things, which are to be put at the last moment: house keys, mobile phone, food for the journey. Make a note of them on your list separately, so as not to forget.

Take the packing list with you. It will help you not to forget your things during your journey at the hotels and on the way back.

Good Luck and Bon Voyage!