Travel fitness

Going on a trip, you take with you a guide book, a toothbrush and a change of underwear. You also take with you your habits habits. Not to change your habit of a healthy lifestyle during a trip is easier than you think.  Use these tips and you will be healthy and fit during your trip.

If you are staying at a hotel:

Bring with you an ordinary rope, and if there is, and a small elastic rubber rope. They will always be at hand, if the gym is not be available.

Apart from these, you can perform the following exercises in the room that do not require special equipment: push-ups, sit-ups, tilts, thrusts.

As an alternative download a fitness program, suitable for you, on your iPad or computer and exercise whenever you want in your hotel room.

Ask the concierge for a local map, you may be able to exercise in nature.

Carry a carrot, fruit, raisins, crackers and a bottle of water. If you want, you can always have a snack, not tempted by chips, macadamia nuts and goodies from the bar.

For classes in the gym:

Find out where a nearby fitness centre is located. Nowadays, many hotels offer gym and swimming pool services, which are normally free of charge for the hotel guests.

Do not forget to bring your sports clothes, shoes and swimwear.

For a special feeling to relaxation and stress reduction, sign up for a massage.

In the air:

When you fly in an airplane, choose low-fat or vegetarian dishes.

Avoid alcohol and caffeine, avoid snacks high in salt contents (salty crackers, crackers, salted peanuts), so that you minimize your dehydration.

At least once per hour stand up and walk around to stretch your muscles.

Use special pillow to support your neck and back.

In car:

Periodically stop and get out of the car, stretch, knead your feet. Bring a record with soothing music in case you get into a "traffic jam".

Take a good rest before the trip, so you can be attentive on the road between coffee intakes.

Bring along your favourite, healthy food, then you will easily pass by the fast-food chain with expensive and high-calorie dishes that can tempt you while traveling.

Exercises for any occasion:

This set of exercises can be done anytime and anywhere, it does not require special conditions and devices. Take 1-3 approaches per each exercise with 8-15 repeat times.

Push-ups: Keep the body straight, leaning on your hands and the front part of the thigh (above the knee). Push down to the floor, bending your elbows up until the forearm become parallel to the floor and then push up and return to starting position. If this is too difficult for you, you can do push-ups on the wall, on the chest of drawers, or on a stable chair.

Squats: Stand straight with your feet shoulder width apart, hands on hips. Bend your knees, if you were going to sit on an imaginary chair, standing behind you. Then stand up, legs are not fully unbend.

Lunges: Step with your feet on the width equal to one big step. Slowly bend your knees until your knees will not be close to the floor. Do not look down, your knees should be at the level of big toes.

Arms: Sit on the edge of a table or a stable chair, put your hands on the surface next to the buttocks (fingers back). Slipping from the chair, continue to rely only on his hands. Slowly lower yourself down by bending your elbows until the forearm become parallel to the floor. Return to starting position.

Sit-ups: Lie on your back, bend your knees, hands behind your head, cross your fingers, elbows pointing forward. Sit up. Returning to the original position, stop for few seconds and then continue down on the floor.