Train tickets

Here are the main train reservation systems in Europe. You can reserve your ticket and pay online. All you will need is a print-out copy. The conductors have a special scanner so they can see if your ticket is valid or not. This system is very convenient and saves time and money for many people who cannot buy tickets at the counter.

Even though some reservation systems are local, eg Czech or German, they will anyway sell tickets for other countries. Availability of sits and prices may differ as each country has their own allowance of sits.

All below web-sites have an English version which is equal to the local one.

… – European system. Special European passes are available.

… – German railway. If you have your dog or cat in the bag, you can have it free of charge. There is no need to book in advance for an animal. Czech and Swiss rails have the same ruls.

… – Czech railway

… – Swiss railway

… – British railway

… – Swedish railway. If you take a dog, make sure you book your place with dog. There are strict rules in Sweden regarding taking the dogs or cats on train. They are only allowed in specified places.

… – Polish railway