The list of cheap and healthy products

Do not think that healthy food is necessarily synonymous with expensive. You can buy fairly cheap healthy foods – you just need to think what they are like.


Taking vegetables and greenery, we need certainly start with spinach, because it is extremely rich in various minerals, vitamins and other beneficial substances.


A very !!! healthy product. You can use it in various dishes. Broccoli is one of the healthiest products and helps you even to reduce the risk of cancer.


By the content of vitamin C cabbage gives in only slightly to orange (up to 50 mg% in the cabbage, up to 60 mg% in oranges). And brussels sprouts surpasses oranges even in half on this indicator. Cabbage is valued for high fibre content, enabling a correct intestinal function, and for various mineral composition comprising potassium, calcium, magnesium, sodium, iron, phosphorus, sulphur, and copper. Vitamin value in cabbage does not much reduce during a traditional method of preservation - pickling. In sour cabbage there is an additional beneficial agent, lactic acid, which suppresses putrefactive processes in the human digestive system.

Bulb onions

The onions contain significant amounts of vitamins C, A, B1, B2, PP and inulin, which stimulates the growth of beneficial micro flora in the human body. In addition, volatile has been discovered in onions, which suppress the growth of pathogenic microorganisms. Regular consumption of onion reduces the synthesis of cholesterol. Excessive use of onions is not recommended only for people with acute diseases of the digestive system and kidneys.

Red onion

Red onion is very similar to his brother - a conventional bulb, but there are several features that distinguish it from a relative. This is manifested in the taste qualities, and the composition and useful properties are also different. Benefits of red onion are due to its composition. Onion has received its red colour from its elements - anthocyanins and antioxidants that are contained almost twice more than in his "white brother". Anthocyanins help to fight inflammation and infection, prevent the development of cancer, nerve diseases and diabetes. They slow down the aging process, prolonging his youth.


This inexpensive vegetable is rich in pectin, which stimulates digestion and growth of beneficial micro flora, and is also known as the main source of beta-carotene. Good to know is that the beta-carotene of carrots (and other vegetables) is better absorbed when it is subjected to heat treatment, and moreover - is eaten along with some fat.


Thanks to the rich vitamin and mineral composition, the properties of beets are particularly useful for maintaining vitality, overcoming the high nervous and physical activities. Healthy vegetables were used by the ancient Romans. For the prevention of various diseases they used the roots and leaves, soaked in wine. Vegetable can be eaten in raw, boiled or baked form. But most of all curative properties are in fresh roots or beet juice.


Corn also contains large amounts of nutrients that positively affect your vision. You can have it in various forms, but it is best to eat them fresh.


Many people buy tomatoes just like that. But in fact they also are extremely healthy products. For example, they contain substances that protect your skin from both the aging, from wrinkles, as well as from external influences such as UV rays.

Sweet potatoes

These tasty tubers are always top the list of products for a healthy diet. Dr. Oz even suggests eating sweet potatoes at least every day, as it helps to lose weight. This potato is very rich in fibre content. It contains a lot of vitamin A and B6.


If you have interest in your health, then you should definitely include avocados in your diet. It can be eaten raw, but can be prepared in many different ways, each of which will bring you many benefits.


Canned tuna can also be attributed to the cheapest source of protein, considering the concentration of this element in the product. However, it is not recommended to eat only this fish, because it may contain too much mercury - it is better to eat a couple of times a week, alternating with various kinds of meat.


As mentioned above, it is not necessary to eat only fish - you can use different kinds of meat as a protein source. This is more expensive, but do not try to save on everything.

Chicken and turkey

Chicken and turkey - is the best option in terms of price and protein content, but also you can occasionally buy pork and beef, especially if you see them at a discount.


Nuts are good in that you can take them anywhere and eat them in any situation. At the same time, they are rich in both protein and fats, so you can enjoy them in limited quantities, with health benefits.


It's time to pay attention to carbohydrates, which are also extremely important for your body. And the easiest, fastest and cheapest method of obtaining carbohydrates is rice. You can eat both white and brown rice - both will be healthy for you.

Brown rice

This is a very inexpensive and very healthy product that you want to have in the kitchen for anyone who wants to improve health. Brown rice is rich in selenium and good for the brain manganese, vitamins, which will save you from heart disease and protect against cancer. In addition, it helps the body to process fats.


Oats can be considered a favourite product of nutritionists. Oatmeal is mentioned in most recommendations for healthy eating. According to the author of Superfoods, oats is one of the 14 products that prolong life.

Oatmeal has a low glycaemic index - this means that the carbohydrates in its composition enter the bloodstream slowly, helping to maintain a constant level of blood sugar. The oatmeal contains beta-glycan - a special kind of complex carbohydrate that helps to reduce the amount of cholesterol in the blood. Furthermore, the oat cereal contains significant amounts of vitamins E and B6, as well as manganese and zinc. Oatmeal allows you to feel full much longer than any other food.

Wheat  groats

Unlike semolina flour and grains of higher quality, this cereal is prepared from whole grain, and thus retains the vitamins, minerals and good fibre which are mainly concentrated in wheat grain and the shell and which are removed during product processing. Wheat flour of second quality has the same benefits but is seldom for sale.

Peas, beans, soybeans

These are characterized by a high content of protein and vitamins of group B. There may replace meat and fish in the diet from time to time. Besides, they are very nutritious.


Fresh legumes contain large amounts of vitamin A. So you can slow down the aging process, if you eat a lot of legumes. Legumes can be eaten not only in raw form. Dried peas can be cooked into porridge. Legumes can be found in a variety of different applications.

Olive oil

Fats not necessarily make you fat, and not always they are harmful. You just need to choose the right foods containing healthy fats, such as olive oil. You can use it both for cooking and a as a salad dressing.


They contain huge amount of protein, which is so important for many people. It is very difficult to find a better source of protein. Among all other products the eggs are the cheapest source of protein. Anyone can afford eggs. They are quick and easy to cook. They can be prepared in different: scrambled eggs, boiled in the bag, or in a variety of dishes. Eggs are a source of low-fat protein, and riboflavin, phosphorous and vitamin B12.

Cottage cheese

If you do not have anything against dairy products, then you definitely need to pay attention to the cheese, because it is the richest source of protein. Use it as a breakfast or a dinner - a single serving contains more than twenty grams of protein.


Many people believe butter worst enemy of man, but it is not true. Butter can even be healthy but in small amounts. Who is the real enemy, it is margarine.


Many people cannot imagine life without the cheese. It is not only varied and incredibly tasty, but also contains large amounts of calcium, beneficial to your health.

Yogurt, milk

The composition of beneficial micro flora in the kefir is richer than in yogurt. In addition, lactobacillus acidophilus, which is contained kefir grains, is the most traditional of probiotics - microorganisms that permanently inhabit the human intestine.


These well-available fruits contain significant amounts of vitamin C, potassium, and rich in pectin, certain varieties of iron. However, buying apples as a source of ascorbic acid, it is necessary to remember that it is amount is greatly reduced during storage. Starting from February ascorbic acid is better consumed from citrus and cabbage.


If you would like to have strong hair and nails, then you should occasionally eat strawberry. In addition, it is worth noting that it is incredible tasty, and during its season can cost very little.


These are the cheapest of exotic fruits. Bananas have almost the highest potassium content among other fruits, which supports heart function. Besides, bananas  contain a lot of vitamin C. And the banana has a sufficiently high calorific value and can be a hearty snack.

Black currant

In many regions during the harvest season this berry can be the cheapest source of vitamin C. Its content reaches 200 mg%: thus 100 g berries would have two daily vitamin norms. Also, it contains significant amounts of vitamin P, necessary for strengthening the vessels. In addition, colorants of currants (anthocyanins) have a bactericidal effect.


It is unlikely that anyone would argue with the fact that ripe cherries are just incredible berries. However, you can also consume them not only for fun, but also for melatonin, which helps you to cope with even the most severe insomnia.