What is not to do?

Do not swim in rivers and canals

St. Petersburg is often called the Venice of the North. In urban areas, there are no less than 100 reservoirs, 93 rivers, hoses, ducts and channels with a total length of about 300 km. However, to enjoy the best water surface is better on the shore, from a water bus or a bridge. Going into the water, even if the window is 33 degrees and you are the master of swimming, is still not worth it. The Regional Water Administration has banned swimming in all urban water channels due to the fact that water laboratory studies have identified substandard sanitary conditions.

Do not forget of the raising of the bridges

Guests of the city, immersed in the special atmosphere of the cultural capital, do often forget about the time and can walk for hours, until tired legs do not remind that it is time to go back to the hotel. This is where they can be caught by a surprise. After 1 am in the night the bridges across the Neva are beginning to raise, dividing the city into several islands.

If you became a hostage of this situation, there are several exits:

  • continue a night promenade until the bridge will be brought back;
  • take a taxi to get home through a Suspension Bridge or
  • take advantage of the underground night.

Do not admire Moscow

There are many stories about tacit confrontation between the two capitals. One normally visit Moscow from St. Petersburg just to go shopping, to go to a concert of cult groups or to visit friends who have been “forced” to go to Moscow to work. These friends will be pitied, even after moving to Moscow their material well being has improved remarkably. In St. Petersburg, money is not valued in the first place. Therefore it is better not to talk excitedly about the vigour of Muscovites and the virtues of living in the capital. There is a risk of running into a wall of incomprehension.

Do not move the furniture at night

Sensitive sleep of St. Petersburg residents is protected by the Law "On the silence". Therefore, if you are a "night owl", and the inspiration comes to you at night, there is a risk to pay a penalty for late-night bursts of activity. The city authorities have introduced the administrative responsibility for violation of silence from 23:00 to 7:00 a few years ago.

St Petersburg

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