Weather and Climate

The climate in St Petersburg is temperate, transitional from temperate continental to moderately seaside. This type of climate is due to the geographical location and the atmospheric circulation characteristic of the Leningrad region. This is due to the relatively small amount of input of the sun's heat to the Earth's surface and in the atmosphere.

There are only few sunny days in a year - about 60. During the rest of the 300 days the sky is obscured by clouds, giving St. Petersburg its famous melancholy diffused light, nutritious substrate for the poetic souls.

Summers in St. Petersburg are not hot due to the large number of channels. Even on a clear day it is recommended to take an umbrella, the rain can be unpredictable.

St. Petersburg's winter, though not too cold, but dank. The wet gusty wind is not rare, and frost often permeates literally to the bone. Another characteristic feature of the weather is changeability. In the summer the cold wind can appear from nowhere, and in the winter the white mist of snow can emerge all of a sudden.

St Petersburg

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