What makes St. Petersburg special

The famous weather-cultural phenomenon of St. Petersburg are the White Nights, which  officially last from June 11 to July 2 with the "peak lightness" on 22 June. In fact, the White Nights can be observed from May 25-27 until July 15-17.

The Sun in this period lowers not more than 9 ° above the horizon, and the evening twilight moves smoothly into the morning. The White Nights is the most popular time to visit St. Petersburg, and if you want to see "Transparent twilight or glittering moonless", hotels and various tickets should be booked as early as possible.

In addition during the White Nights St. Petersburg hosts many festivals, and special tours are organised.

St. Petersburg is also known as a "city of bridges". There are more bridges than in Venice. The sixty eight rivers, canals and streams cross the city in all directions, forming 42 islands alongside.

Now in St. Petersburg and its suburbs there are 580 bridges, including 20 drawbridges.

The literary and musical heritage of St. Petersburg is of no less importance. The number of writers, poets and composers who enthusiastically worked on his misty shores shakes even the boldest imagination.

There are 6 things to be done in St. Petersburg:

  • Climb on the colonnade of St. Isaac's Cathedral to see the city from above.

  • Get lost in the Hermitage.  The museum is so huge that there is hardly a St. Petersburg resident, who visited all its rooms.

  • See ballet at the Mariinsky Theatre.

  • See the Palace Drawbridge.

  • Throw a bronze coin to Chzhzk-Pyzhyk at Fontanka or bronze cat Vasilisa and the cat Elisha on Malaya Sadovaya.

  • Walk along the marble quay during the White nights and have an intellectual conversation with the locals.

St Petersburg

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